Alumina Ceramic Products

Alumina Ceramic Products

YUFA Group also specializes in the production of spark plug ceramic insulators, porcelain tubes, oil well igniters and other products.Using isostatic pressing, high temperature sintering into ceramic. It can produce various spark plugs, ceramic tubes and other products with length less than 150 mm.


1. High density

2. High strength

3. Good electrical resistance

4. Good size consistency

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Ceramic Insulators for Spark plugs

Model No./Characteristic index

F series

F series

Φ10mm, Φ12mm lengthened series

Density of Ceramic (g/cm3)




Dielectric Strength (KV)




Flexural Strength (N)




Appearance Color






Ceramic spark plug Application
Ceramic tube


Alumina Ceramic Tube

Mainly used for the protection of the temperature sensor, make the temperature sensor and outside isolation, decrease or prevent components in use process by foreign materials, eroded oxidation and touch the worse.

Other Alumina Ceramic Products

Alumina ceramic products
ceramic lining bricks

Due to the high hardness and density of alumina ceramic balls, the amount of material in the alternating grinding body increases.

The balls are dense, the specifications are neat, the probability of collision is high, and the grinding efficiency is great, the chemical composition of the material to be ground is stable.

Therefore, the alumina ceramic balls is widely mixed with white cement, minerals, ceramics, electronic materials, magnetic materials, and raw materials for the grinding and processing of coatings, paints and other industries.

It is a common grinding medium. Ceramic lining has the advantages of wear resistance, impact resistance and high temperature resistance. Ceramic balls, ceramic linings and other ceramic products are an important business that YUFA will expand and develop.

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