Brand Value

Brand Value

25 Years, Global Market

In 1996, YUFA began to use the "YUSHEN" brand, it always takes high quality as the criterion, produced a variety of alumina powders with professional research and development. After 25 years of development and management, "YUSHEN" brand products are sold well in more than 40 countries in the world. It has obtained the import and export rights of China in 1999, and has become a well-known emerging enterprise in the Asia-Pacific region, also has a certain reputation in the international markets such as Japan, South Korea, Germany, etc.


Quality Symbol, Quality Assurance

In order to ensure quality, YUFA Group adopts a 6m large diameter furnace for 24h continuous smelting. It never relax the standards in the time and temperature control of smelting, insists on producing high-quality products, and wins market recognition in the competition with stable product quality.

People Without We Have, People Have We Better

"YUSEHN" brand "low sodium, micro sodium, high bulk density" and other types of white corundum abrasive products have been highly affirmed by the market, and can produce special customized and modified white corundum abrasives according to customer needs. Since 2008, "YUSHEN" brand white corundum abrasives (F4-F220, P12-P220) and white alumina powder (F230-F1200, P240-P2500) have been continuously rated as "famous products in China's abrasives industry".