Brand Value

Brand Value

27 Years, Global Market

In the year of 1996, YUFA embarked upon the utilization of the esteemed "YUSHEN" brand, persistently upholding high quality as the principal benchmark. Through dedicated research and development efforts, an extensive assortment of refined alumina powders has been meticulously manufactured. Following a remarkable span of twenty-seven years encompassing advancement and proficient stewardship, the products under the esteemed "YUSHEN" brand have garnered commendable sales figures across more than forty nations worldwide. In the year of 1999, it was bestowed with the privileges to engage in import and export operations on behalf of China, thus solidifying its position as a renowned emerging enterprise within the coveted Asia-Pacific domain. Furthermore, it has earned notable recognition within international markets including Japan, South Korea, Germany, among others.


Quality Symbol, Quality Assurance

To guarantee excellence, YUFA Group employs a colossal 6-meter diameter furnace for uninterrupted 24-hour smelting. It steadfastly adheres to exacting standards in both time and temperature regulation during the smelting process, unwaveringly committed to manufacturing impeccable goods. As a result, it triumphs in the competitive arena by consistently delivering outstanding product quality, thereby garnering recognition within the market.

People Without We Have, People Have We Better

The "YUSEHN" brand has garnered significant recognition in the market for its assortment of white corundum abrasive products, including low sodium, micro sodium, and high bulk density options. Additionally, the company possesses the capacity to produce bespoke and enhanced white alumina abrasives tailored to meet individual customer requirements. Since 2008, the esteemed "YUSHEN" brand has consistently maintained its status as a distinguished participant within China's abrasives industry, with its white fused aumina abrasives (ranging from F4 to F220, P12 to P220) and white alumina micro powder (ranging from F230 to F1200, P240 to P2500) attaining the esteemed designation of being labeled "famous products in China's abrasives industry".