Company Culture


Development Concept: Not to be a top 500, to do 500 years

YUFA remains committed to the path of exquisite excellence and utmost sophistication. Through incessant refinement and groundbreaking ingenuity, we bolster our intrinsic competitiveness, fortify the corporate identity, relentlessly pursue flawlessness, and ardently chase perfection.

Core Values: Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, Gratitude

Enterprise Spirit: Pragmatic, Innovation, Development and Win-win

Corporate Responsibility: Help employees grow; Serve customers wholeheartedly; Pay attention to environmental protection ; Actively return to society

Quality Policy: 100% production pass rate;  100% factory pass rate;  Quality is our character

Service Concept: Every enterprise is part of the service sector; Everyone assumes the role of a server; Scrutinize each minutia diligently to enhance customer contentment

Enterprise Mission: Focus on alumina business, study ceramic technology, provide customers with professional products and services