Alumina ceramic granulated powder is a type of spherical particle refined by our company using imported equipment,high-quality raw materials and formula.It has many advantages like high strength, bright surface of the fired porcelain, low firing temperature, low porosity, dense porcelain, easy demoulding and other excellent properties,

Main Specifications:

Model (model): JR-NL105Z

Name (product) :Alumina ceramic granulating powder

Appearance (appearance):white spherical particles

Diameter (size): 45-50um

Purity (purity): 99%

Firing temperature (℃): 1400-1750

Firing density (g/cm3): 3.3-3.9

Product performance:

Wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance

Application areas:

1. Such as seal ring, friction plate, vacuum tube, electronic substrate

2. Structural ceramics, electronic ceramics, bio-ceramics, refractory materials

3. Ball mill lining, ceramic bearing, ceramic cutter


Adaptation process:

Rapid dry pressing, isostatic pressing, hot die casting, injection, spraying



Sealed and stored in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place.

ceramic granulation powder

Post time: Apr-06-2021