RTP Alumina (Al2O3) Ready to Press Alumina

Features: Appearance is white fine sand or powder, with stable conversion rate, good powder particle size distribution, good fluidity, high hardness, stable shrinkage, low porcelain-forming temperature, high compressive strength, and abrasion resistance , Chemical inertness, high refractoriness and superior insulation properties.
Process: Using high-purity, suitable particle size alumina as raw material. It is formed by pressure or centrifugal spray granulation. Therefore, some people call it granulated powder.

RTP aluminahttps://youtu.be/pSVP8OFtZXs (You can watch the powder video through the link)
Application: Suitable for processes such as dry pressing, rapid stamping, and isostatic pressing. It can be used to produce more than 99% alumina ceramics.
For example: Precision ceramic parts;

Ceramic electronic substrates;

Isostatic and dry pressed ceramic parts;

Wear-resistant ceramics;

Structural ceramics;

Technical ceramics;

Grinding media;

Refractory materials;

Body and vehicle armor

Post time: Nov-03-2021