High-temperature calcined alumina powder of Zhengzhou Yufa Fine Ceramics Technology Co., Ltd.

High-temperature calcined alumina powder uses industrial aluminum hydroxide or industrial alumina as raw materials, calcined at a high temperature of 1500 degrees to form a stable crystalline α-type alumina product and then ball milled into alumina micro powder.

According to different physical and chemical indexes, high-temperature calcined alumina powder products are mainly divided into boron-fluorine (BF2:1), boron-fluorine (BF5:1), pure fluorine (F), pure boron (B), and non-mineralized according to the formula of mineralizer. There are five types of agents, and special alumina such as Boron Chlorine (BL) and Fluorine Chlorine (FL); Alumina powder products are divided into 325 mesh, 500 mesh, 600 mesh, 800 mesh powder, and fine crystal powder.

Dry pressing, isostatic pressing process series

This series of products are refined using advanced formulas and strict processes, with reasonable particle size distribution, good particle fluidity, loose inter-grain bonding, good grindability, and easy sintering. Its porcelain pieces are compact, have smooth surfaces, have high mechanical strength, and have good electrical insulation. It is an ideal raw material for manufacturing special ceramics.

Hot die casting, grouting molding series

This series of products have a large original crystal particle size, stable performance, good molding performance, small product shrinkage, and a wide range of applications. They are especially suitable for hot die casting and grouting molding series. They can be used for various high-temperature resistant ceramic parts (spark plugs, etc.) Grinding porcelain parts (mortar pump shaft plug pump lining, impeller, grinding media ball, etc.), electronic substrates, electronic vacuum tubes, etc.

Refractory series

The product has a stable crystal form, can improve the refractoriness of the product, and improve the mechanical properties. It is suitable for the production of unshaped refractories (various high-aluminum castables), shaped refractories (corundum bricks, etc.), furnace building materials, etc. High temperature, excellent thermal shock stability, and processing characteristics are required to extend the service life of refractory materials.

Alumina ceramic granulated powder

It is made by scientific research ingredients, automatic grinding, pulping, and spray drying. The particle size distribution is uniform, the fluidity is good, and the strength is moderate; the produced body has high strength, excellent demoulding performance, and low firing temperature; the surface of the product is smooth and the structure is compact. It can meet the technological requirements for rapid dry pressing of precision ceramics and is an ideal raw material for the production of electronic ceramics and structural ceramic components.

Rotary kiln

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