International industrial alumina prices are expected to continue to rise in the second half of 2021
Since June 2021, the price of industrial alumina raw materials has risen slightly, and the price increase will continue in September. It is understood that the current transaction price in the northern market is mostly at the ex-factory exchange rate of 3,100 yuan per ton. Today’s FOB price is 320 US dollars per ton. According to US market research and analysis, the international alumina market price will continue to rise in the later period. You can refer to the figure below.

Zhengzhou Yufa Abrasives Group mainly deals in alumina series products, including fused white corundum, calcined alumina, alumina-magnesia spinel, single crystal corundum, alumina granulated powder, alumina ceramic parts and other products. Taking industrial alumina as the raw material, the board of directors of Yufa Abrasives Group started a meeting for discussion due to the increase in its price. On the premise of maintaining production and operation, try to control costs and reduce the impact of raw material fluctuations on customers. Maintain the original price supply to the customers who signed the contract.


Post time: Sep-02-2021